Yousuf Ahmed khan is getting response for “Ami chai Tomake”

Yousuf Ahmed khan is getting response for “Ami chai Tomake”

Some singers have some songs that don’t stand a chance of getting a lot of response as soon as they are released. But little by little those songs are getting embedded in the hearts of the listeners. The song ‘Ami Chai Tomake’ released in the voice of legendary singer of this generation Yousuf Ahmed Khan is just such a song. The song was released on October 12 last year on Yousuf Ahmed Khan’s birthday.

Already the song is spreading among the audience. For those who are hearing the song for the first time, this song seems to be on their daily listening list. Many people are sharing the song on Facebook with interest by writing one or two good words. There is also an unknown audience.

 Due to which the interest of the audience towards the song is increasing. The song is written and composed by journalist ovi Moinuddin.

Music Composed by Sau- Hacker and Music Direction by Yousuf himself. The music video of the song was shot at Peergacha Rubber Plantation and Kakraid Farm in Madhupur, Tangail. The music video was produced by TI Rafi. After the release of the song, many have covered it and shared it on Facebook. After the release of the song, Yousuf Ahmed Khan impressed the audience by singing the song live on several channels.

Yousuf said, ‘This song was written and composed by ovi Bhai in the second wave of Corona. I clearly remember when this song was created ovi bhai was next to my studio. He was humming while sitting. Later asked me to sit with the harmonium. He completed the entire work of the song’s mouth and antara in one sitting. After that a year actually passes. The song was released last year on my birthday on my YouTube channel Y Beats due to ovi bhai’s interest. ‘

This song is the most favorite of all the songs I have sung in my life. I am impressed by the love I see from music lovers, music connoisseurs towards the song. The audience’s love for the song is constantly increasing. This is my achievement as an artist. Yousuf Ahmed Khan is busy with the stage show in this season of the stage show.

In the meantime, he has performed in several stage shows in Dhaka, Sylhet, Srimangal outside Dhaka. He also has a few stage shows ahead. He also plans to release a new song on Valentine’s Day.