The new family story drama ‘Mejho Bhai’ has been released on YouTube. Saidur Rahman Pavel, a popular actor of Mirakkel fame, acted in this drama directed by Ziauddin Alam and produced under the banner of Squeeview Film.

Emu Sikdar has paired up with him. After the release of the play ‘Mejo Bhai’, it has been much discussed for its story and production.

Apart from Saidur Rahman Pavel and Emu Sikdar, Tutia Yasmin Papia, Fatema Hira, Noore Kanchan Chowdhury, Armaan Hossain Pratya, Alvi Preeti, Grihi Shah Roy Chowdhury also acted in Chayan Dev’s drama ‘Mejho Bhai’.

About the drama, Ziauddin Alam said, “I have produced comedy and romantic dramas before.” However, I have tried to tell the story of a family in the drama ‘Mejho Bhai’. The feeling of laughing and crying together with mother, brothers and sisters, is revealed here. I have a lot of expectations about the drama.

Actor Pavel said, ‘zia Bhai always does good work. I have seen his work. This time he worked under his direction. I shot with a lot of joy. The story of this drama is the real hero. So far I am getting good feedback for the drama.


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