Arosh Khan and Nishat Priom come to break Shohag’s marriage

Arosh Khan and Nishat Priom come to break Shohag’s marriage

Arosh Khan is really called to marry or break marriage. Arosh is expert in breaking up marriage or love. If you give money, act and break the marriage or love. Arosh and Priom are in danger by breaking the marriage of Shohag and Naureen. The drama of such a story is ‘Bharay Chalito’. Directed by Shahid Un Nabi and the story is written by Mahmudul Hasan. The drama ‘Bharay Chalito’ starred Arosh Khan and opposite Nishat Priom. Sohanur Rahman Shohag, Azam Khan, Jannat Afrin, Naureen, Reshmi, Paneer Sikder and many others acted in the play.

The director said about the drama, the audience will enjoy the whole story if the story is different. There is a mix of romance and comedy. The audience will enjoy from the beginning to the end.

Arosh Khan said that the drama is a drama according to the needs of the audience. Made for the audience the audience will enjoy. There are twists from the beginning of the story. Hope the audience will be impressed.

Nishat Priom tells a sweet love story, lots of comedy and messages for the audience. We hope that the audience will enjoy it.

Shohanur Rahman Shohag said that every character in the play was important. The story was the main hero of the play. The audience will surely be delighted and appreciate the entire story.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the drama will be aired on Machranga Television. After that, the play will be released on the YouTube channel of Machranga Television.