Polash Moni Das is judge at Int’l Film Fest

Polash Moni Das is judge at Int’l Film Fest

Playwright & Director Polash Moni Das to perform as judge at BaBhaSi international film festiva.

The award ceremony of the Bangladesh-Bharot-Singapore (BaBhaSi), tri-nation film festival will be held in Dhaka on 20 December.

The festival has so far received 120 films from within and outside the country. Among them 50 film have been selected for the second round. A total of 10 films from the 50 films will send for the final round.

Polash Moni Das said, “It is a great honour for me to have the opportunity to serve as the Chief Judge for an international film festival like BaBhaSI. As a writer, this is a point of pride for me.”

“I express my gratitude to the authorities for trusting me as a judge and I’m very excited to be given the responsibility.

BaBhaSi has been organising the award ceremony for last six years. Every year, it encourages young artiste to showcase their talents by giving this award.