Additional Superintendent of Police Md. Shahidul Islam of Savar Circle (Savar-Ashulia-Dhamrai) has been selected as the best police circle officer of Dhaka district.

General Secretary of Bangladesh Police Service Association and Dhaka District Police Superintendent Mr. Md. Asaduzzaman, PPM (Bar) presented Shahidul Islam with the certificate and crest of the best police circle officer at a ceremony in the capital on Thursday February 19.

Proper performance of duty at workplace with the spirit of public welfare, bringing criminals under law, successfully solving various complex cases, crime suppression, road order and VIP security-protocol, intelligence gathering, above all, Additional Superintendent of Police (Savar Circle) Md. Shahidul Islam has been recognized as the best circle officer as a reward for working diligently in controlling all types of crime.

It should be noted that this honest and brave police officer Md. Shahidul Islam was awarded as the best circle officer of Dhaka district two times in a row.

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