Abul Hayat in Hasan Jahangir's advertisementAbul Hayat in Hasan Jahangir's advertisement

Producer and actor Hassan Jahangir. Busy with acting and production. Apart from producing dramas, Hassan Jahangir is also busy producing TVCs and documentaries worldwide. Molla Travel and Tourism made in Dubai has already caused a stir by creating advertisements. The ad is being aired in many countries of the world including Bangladesh. The TVC of Bangla Jewelery was produced in Kuwait.Currently residing in New York. New York’s Golden Age Home Care produced an ad featuring the legendary and popular actor Abul Hayat. Apart from Golden Age Home Care, Samia Travels has also produced commercials for Shimu Fashions, Parveen Jewellers. This producer has half a dozen more TVC projects in his hands. Among them Khalil Birani – Halal Fresh – Dodd Burger – Irani Furniture with many ads. Besides, he is producing some single dramas of RTV in America.

Producer and actor Hassan Jahangir is acting in the regularly aired NTV drama series ‘Probasi Poribar’. Baishakhi is producing the popular TV serial ‘Family Distance’ and is also acting in a central role. Doing about half a dozen single dramas every month – web series in hand and two in between, he is also busy producing worldwide TVCs and documentaries.

Producer and actor Hasaan Jahangir said, he will go to Canada in the last week of this month, he has many works in hand – after finishing his work in Canada, he will fly to Texas Florida – Las Vegas – Buffalo and New York. Will go to London in the middle of next month. Bangladesh will return from London via Qatar.Several TVCs will also be produced in London and Qatar. This producer said that it will take some time to return to Bangladesh after completing all the work. He said that he will announce the production date of the movie if everything goes well in Bangladesh.

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