Moonmoon Ahmed MoonMoonmoon Ahmed Moon | Photo: Courtesy of the actress

The popular actress of the small screen is Moonmoon Ahmed Moon. She recently completed her graduation from Eastern University. Its seventh convocation has just been held. The convocation ceremony was held for 3,109 students who graduated from the fall semester of 2019 to the spring semester of 2023.
Moonmoon is excited about such success. She dedicated this achievement to her parents. Her family is happy with her success.
Moonmoon says; joy is beyond words. Because the long four-year journey has ended. It is difficult to continue studies along with profession. It’s a great feeling to finish properly.
Currently, Moonmoon is busy with a solo dramas. In the meantime he has finished “Hatorey Doctor” directed by Sakal Ahmed.
Moonmoon wants to work in movies as well as drama. In this context, she said, if I get a good story, I will work in the movie.

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