Enamul Haque Boni wants to become regular in actingEnamul Haque Boni wants to become regular in acting

Today’s young actor is Enamul Haque Boni. He had a love for drama since childhood. He was regular in stage plays along with cultural programs at school. After getting over the busyness of studies, career and family, Enamul Haque Boni is now focusing on acting again.

Boni said that now he is connected with regular acting through the 7-episode serial drama of Boishakhi Television, again holding the hand of director S.I. Sohel due to his weakness towards acting.

Boni is currently busy working with various directors. Among them S.I. Sohel is acting in 7 dramas. Apart from this, this actor is making his mark by auditioning for Deepta TV’s “Denapaona” serial drama. This actor is busy with musical films, short films, TVCs.

Boni said that she wants to become an actor like Chanchal Chowdhury and Musharraf Karim sir. However, this actor will prove himself if given a chance as a newcomer.

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