Zubaer Hossain is a successful young entrepreneur in freelancing

Zubaer Hossain is a successful young entrepreneur in freelancing

Zubaer Hossain of Thakurgaon Ranishankail Upazila is a successful Entrepreneur. He has started freelancing since 2018 to make himself Independent.

Zubaer has shown that one can do something independently even without a job. Along with studying, he is now successful in freelancing after five years of hard work. Apart from freelancing, he has also developed an online training center called ‘Freelance Work with Zubaer Hossain’ on how to set up a business on an online platform. Currently hundreds of local and foreign youth are earning through freelancing and have successfully started new e-commerce businesses with training from this institute.

The ‘Freelance Work with Zubair Hossain’ Freelancing Training Center teaches the youth about various means of outsourcing including Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Lead Generation, E-Commerce Business Growth, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing.

Zubaer Hussain was keen to do something new from the beginning. His hard work and goals have brought him to the brink of success today. He started working on various subjects in the freelancing sector from a young age.

We may know that no business can run properly without marketing. Marketing is the key to success in business. Zubaer advises how to set up a business. Successful entrepreneur Zubaer Hossain provides different processes to promote and expand the products, services, business or brand of the businessmen of different countries including USA, UK, Nigeria, Canada at home.

As a young entrepreneur, Zubaer Hossain believes there are no shortcuts to success. People become successful with their honesty, concentration, work and hard work. Where there is no integrity in human work there is no real respect for work and no real success. So every person should work with integrity. Hard work takes people to the top of success. Success will come if you work hard with honesty and patience.

Zubaer Hossain, successful in freelancing, said, “In the beginning, family, neighbors, friends did not support anyone. Relatives and friends have criticized many. But today their idea has changed. In fact, one does not have to be unemployed if one wants to earn income through freelancing. It is important to get training in the right place at the right time.’ At the end of the day I knew what my job quality would be in the future. So I developed my skills along with studying alone from everyone. I have worked with all local and foreign people. To achieve success in life, one must be very hardworking. Not only if you are diligent, but you have to work with sufficient trust in Allah.

Zubaer Hossain said to all, complete the path you have taken to create your own destiny by reaching the destination of success. Remember that there will be adversities at every corner of this path, and there will be countless people who will give you hope and disappointment. So if you want success then give importance to yourself first, don’t just dream, you have to work tirelessly to fulfill your Dreams.