Actor and producer Hasan Jahangir. A popular name in the theater world. Especially when people say ‘Parrot of Mymensingh’, people know him by one name. He is regularly working on coordinating both acting and production equally. Hasan Jahangir is busy making dramas ahead of Eid.Despite his busy schedule, he recently went to Dubai to inaugurate an organization. At the invitation of Dubai expatriates, Molla Sky and Travel Tourism was inaugurated as a Bangladeshi artist in Dubai’s Dera. Besides that, Hasan Jahangir also made an advertisement of that organization.
Hasan Jahangir said, among the Bangladeshis working in different countries of the world, the most remittances come from the expatriates of the United Arab Emirates. Going there at the invitation of those expatriates. I created an advertisement with the inauguration of an institution there.Hasan Jahangir said, we have discussed how Bangladeshi artists can organize more events abroad in coordination with expatriates. I talked about how Bangladeshi acting artists are evaluated when they go abroad.
While inaugurating Molla Sky and Tourism, the speakers said that Molla Sky and Travel Tourism is a trusted address for Bangladeshi expatriates in the Emirates. Not only to bring it to the Emirates, we should play a role in increasing tourists in Bangladesh by presenting our tourism region to the citizens of the country and abroad and making it in different packages.Its owners Belal Molla and Ripon Mahmud said that Molla Sky and Tourism will play a role in this. Mehdi Hasan Mithu, Rubel, Yasin Bin Khair and others were also present.
Meanwhile, Hasan Jahangir is busy making plays with Eid in front of him. At present several serials including Family Distance, Garam Mohalla, Pravasi Palli directed by Hasan Jahangir are airing on various channels.

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