Why is Bubli running away?

Why is Bubli running away?

Recently, the news of popular Dhallywood actress Shabnam Bubli’s mysterious disappearance has calmed down. But many things still remain a mystery. Bubli’s behavior is now even more mysterious with the news of her husband and children coming to light. Currently, the showbiz industry is abuzz with Bubli’s ‘Nakful’ issue.

Recently, the actress claimed that Shakib Khan gifted her a diamond knuckle. A few days after Bubli’s claim, Shakib Khan said that he did not gift Bubli any diamond knuckle. Bubli’s lies are clear in Shakib’s statement. Dhaliwood even said that Bubli is now a thing of the past in his life ‘Bhaijan’.

When there is a commotion around the issue of Shakib-Bubli gifting or not, Bubli announced that she wants to be married to Vir’s father, thinking of her honor and the future of her child, she will open up about Shakib Khan in the press conference. From Thursday morning to afternoon, Bubli did not hold a press conference despite scheduling several times. He did exactly the same thing by publishing pictures of pregnant women. Media workers expressed dissatisfaction with this behavior of Bubli.

Several media outlets appeared at the shooting spot of Bubli to talk about this recent issue. Bubli was busy shooting for the movie ‘Maya: The Love’ directed by Jasim Uddin Zakir. But after finishing the shot, Bubli entered the makeup room. It can be said that Bubli quickly entered the makeup room after escaping from the camera.

When asked about running away from the camera, Bubli said, “I am very embarrassed about what has been happening for quite some time. Meanwhile, I could not even call a press conference that day. All in all, you understand the matter. So I don’t want to say anything on-camera right now.’

It is good to say that filmmaker Jasim Uddin Zaki had already invited – the wedding scene of Simon-Bubli will be shot on Friday; will come Accordingly, several journalists reached the shooting house in Uttara in the evening. But the ‘mysterious’ Bubli ran away after seeing the camera.

In 2016, Bubli made her film debut with the movie ‘Basgiri’ opposite Shakib Khan. Later there were rumors of her love and marriage with Shakib in various media, but neither of them acknowledged the matter. Finally, they are talking about their secret love, marriage and child birth news one after another.

The question in the minds of many people in the film industry – why is Bubli so secretive? Many people say that they can respond to all discussions or criticisms even by coming live on Facebook. The current status of his relationship with Shakib should be clarified.

Note that Shakib Khan and Bubli got married secretly on July 20, 2018. On March 21, 2020, a son Shehzad Khan Bir was born in their house. But they kept everything secret. On September 30 this year, Bubli revealed the news of her marriage and child with Shakib Khan. And since then there are rumors about their relationship. It is heard that they have already separated.