Protests are growing in China

Protests are growing in China

The common people of the country are very angry with the strict zero covid policy to prevent the spread of the deadly corona virus. Their patience was broken, especially after 10 people were killed when a building caught fire in northwestern Xinjiang. There were massive protests in different parts of the country on Saturday and Sunday. Even on this day President Xi Jinping was publicly called to resign by many. BBC news.

The British media BBC reported in a report on Sunday that hundreds of thousands of people took part in the protest in Shanghai. But the police attacked them. Many protesters were detained by law enforcement officers. In addition, students in universities in Beijing and Nanjing expressed their anger against the zero covid policy.

Protesters chanted slogans against President Xi Jinping in Shanghai, China’s largest city and the heart of the global economy, on Saturday night local time. They chanted, ‘Xi Jinping resign’ and ‘Communist Party hand over power.’

Such public anti-government slogans are rare in China. Because there are strict punishments in the country for any kind of movement against the government. But experts say the government has failed to realize that the general public was not satisfied with the Zero Covid policy. Because of this, so many people have started the movement.

One protester told the BBC that he himself was surprised to see so many people on the streets. But also energized. He said that he was ‘hurt, angry and disappointed’ due to this lockdown. He said that due to the lockdown, he is unable to visit his cancer-stricken mother.

Another female protester told the BBC that the protesters spoke to the police officers present. They wanted to know the reaction of the police to the lockdown. He claimed that the policemen said that they are also angry about this lockdown. But they are not able to do anything because they are wearing police clothes. However, when the protesters tried to gather again in Shanghai on Sunday, they were attacked by the police.

Meanwhile, the BBC reported in another report that handling the protesters will be a big challenge for China’s leaders as anger is growing among people in China over the Zero Covid policy. Source: BBC