In this edition, I will be sharing my experience with an amazing Imam of the Ozonepark Jame Masjid “Sayed Mustanzid Billah Rabbani”. I had the pleasure of knowing this amazing young man for the past 4-years. He is a well-rounded student from Tahfizul Quran Wassunnah Madrasa, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Imam Rabbani started his career as a Quran reciter while attending Alia Madrasa (Islamic Collage). Imam Rabbani believes that he is “living proof that hard work pays off.”

He says, “I didn’t work for myself, I believe what I do, it will help the people’s community and the future generation.”
Imam Sayed Rabbani will be attending Al-Azhar University, majoring in Islamic Law. Once he completes his degree, he plans to become a Islamic Scholar and work for the Ummah. He feels proud to be a Imam (leader of masque) like his father and grandfather did for The Muslim Community. He has been serving Three Years (2019 – current) as an Imam & Khatib of the Ozonepark Jame Masjid. He also teaches kids the Quran and about religion, leadership, behavior, etc. He has completed praiseworthy the degree of memorizing the Holy Quran 10 years old of his age, and he has successfully completed Quran Recitation at 12 years old of his age and became Quran reciter.

Imam Rabbani has been attending many national and international Quran Recitation competitions and won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards. He has traveled widely around the world (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, UAE, Turkey, and India) to participants in reciting rituals, competitions, and official events. He also attends many national television programs and talk shows as chief guest and as a scholar. In a short time, he gets public attention and a hug of followers and fans on social media. His dictation and positive effort of Islam influence and great leadership to the new generations to fabricate a connection between human beings’ love and unity as he beliefs himself.

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