Hasan Jahangir's special surprise 'Siri'

Hasan Jahangir Directed a seven-episode drama for Eid-ul-Fitr Baisakhi television. Thriller and suspense-based story drama ‘Siri’. Misha Sawdagar, Kazi Hayat, Hassan Jahangir are special surprises in this 7-episode series. A number of film stars will also appear in this series. Maroof, Nijhum Rubina, Ivy Noor, Nader Khan, Shaheen, Nithor Mahbub, Salim and many others acted!

People dream of reaching the sky. That is never possible. But every man needs a stairs in his life. I want to climb up the stairs and make my own position. Many in this society are doing it. Bachchu comes to the city from the village with such a dream. The stairs can be found but prominent industrialist and politician Chowdhury sits with a condition.Rich industrialist Mobin Chowdhury has to be killed and his only daughter Jaba kidnapped. That’s why Bachchu captures the simple Abul from the village and makes him a killer. Abul speaks the truth. Thinking about his younger sister’s studies, he is forced to become a killer. Who is using the stairs for whose needs, who is using whom, how they are being used will emerge in the drama. Thriller and Suspense Based Story Drama Staircase.

Like every time Hasan Jahangir is bringing half a dozen Eid dramas this Eid as well. Each play will have surprises with the story and artists. Hasan Jahangir is busy with the long serial drama ‘Family Distance’ on Baishakhi Television and the serial ‘Prabasi Paribar’ on NTV.On the occasion of Eid, he is making an advertisement for cosmetic products. Recently, he made an advertisement for Molla Travel and Tourism from Dubai. After Eid, he will fly to America, Canada and Italy for the purpose of making TVC.

Director and actor Hasan Jahangir said that he will soon start the production of a movie called ‘Troll’. The name of the movie has already been entered in FDC. Song recording is in progress. If everything goes well, the new year will bring new surprises.

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