Sadia Liza is a talented singer of young generation. she sang an original song in the regional language of Sylhet. The song has already gained a lot of popularity and impressed the audience. The title of the song is ‘Fua kharap Nai’. The song is written and composed by Chowdhury Kamal. And in this song, singer-composer Chowdhury Kamal himself gave voice as a co-artist with Sadia Liza. The song is composed by MA Rahman.

Sadia Liza said about Chowdhury Kamal, the co-singer of this popular Syleti song, he is a resident of London. A music lover, this man loves and likes music. He works especially with country folk songs. On that occasion he sent me this modern folk song to listen to. I enjoyed listening to the song. Then we sang the song together.

In a very short time, we made the studio version of the song and presented it to the audience.

Despite presenting it in a very simple way, the song will be liked by everyone in a short time, I didn’t understand it in the beginning. The song has been listened to almost 104k  times in just two weeks and besides, I saw that there are 60 thousand videos of this song on Tiktok too.

Sadia Liza said, the original video of the song is seen on Chowdhury Kamal Bhai’s own YouTube channel Ck And Music.

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