Popular actor of Bangladesh Abdun Noor Shajal There is popularity in both small screen and big screen. Recently, the web series The Silence starring Shajal was released on the OTT platform “Binge”. He is garnering praise by acting in this web series It is directed by Vicky Zahed.

Shajal said; Thanks to all. Vicky Zahed deserves praise for this web series. It took us about four hours for one nail. For me it is good job achievement.  Although on my screen Time was short; But I tried to immerse myself in the character the whole time. 

voice; nail the eyes Calm but what a terrible expression! Shibli appeared late in the life of the greedy couple. Their hearts began to swallow to get small traps; soul; To conscience Shajal’s character in Vicky Zahed’s web series “The Silence” has been garnering much appreciation from fans, appearing a few times in the beginning and in the very last scene. His appearance in Shamol Mawla’s car. Since then his quiet demeanor; The makeup and the voice evoke an eerie tingle.The aggressive dialogues at the last minute are also in one word amazing. Mehajabien  Chowdhury acted in this web series apart from Shajal; Shamol Mawla; Azizul Hakim; Bijori BarkatUllah and others.

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