Simantoo Ahmed is the busiest actor of the current generation of small and big screen.He acted in three movies on Eid. Among them, he acted in the movie ‘Leader Ami Bangladesh’ directed by Topu Khan. On the other hand, he will also be seen in Anant-Varsha’s movie Kill Him.directed by md Iqbal. On the other hand, he will also be seen with Apu Biswas in ‘Prem Preeti Bandhan’ directed by Solaiman Lebu.

Apart from this, Simantoo has worked in around 15 dramas this Eid. The actor said that the experience of all the other dramas including Footpather Phulbabu, Kabul bolar agy; Chumki cholese Eka Pathe, oggan premik was great. All the dramas will now be available on YouTube along with national TV channels. Moreover, Simantoo also worked in Biyog web series directed by director Arafat Hossain.

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