Finally, the government has allowed the import of 10 subcontinental movies a year in the country. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting issued the import notification on 5 conditions on April 11. One of the conditions is that these movies cannot be released during the week of Eid and Durga Puja. Film lord Dipjol has always been against the import of foreign films, especially Hindi films, in the country. However, he has no objection to Bengali language movies in Kolkata.Dipjol’s main reason for objection to Hindi cinema is that Hindi cinema is against our Bengali language and culture. If Hindi movies are released directly in cinema halls, our traditional language and culture will be hurt. Because the songs and scenes shown in Hindi movies do not go with our culture. There are many scenes and songs in these movies that fall on the level of obscenity.

Dipjol said, sometimes objections are raised about these scenes and songs in India as well. Their audiences have objected to movies that don’t go with their culture and even demanded that the movie be banned. After the release of the movie Pathan, there were strong objections in India about the music of the movie. Where objections are raised about their own films in India, it cannot be accepted in any way for the art culture of our country.Once we along with our film murubbirs took to the streets to protest against the importation of Hindi films by tying kafan cloths on our heads. Is it now that it has to be imported? Can the recession of cinema ever be returned with foreign movies? won’t go Why in our country, movies of every country sometimes go bad and sometimes go well.So what do foreign movies do well? does not They themselves make up for the slump in films with their own films. In this situation, it is not right in my opinion to allow the import of foreign films. And one cannot change one’s position with imported films and language and culture. The next son is never his own. Similarly Hindi language and culture will not be ours.

Dipjol said, let Bengali language movies come. Let the cinema of Calcutta come. No objection to that. We have won the challenge with Kolkata cinema in the past and will continue to win. I am challenging Dipjol, Bengali language movies will never match our movies. Hindi language and culture cannot be challenged by Bengali language and culture. The main reason is language.Bengali can be challenged by Bengali, Hindi by Hindi, English by English. Not by any language to the contrary. So, I do not agree with the government’s permission to import foreign films. Because, the government has taken many initiatives for our film. Arranged Rs 1000 crore loan for hall renovation, increased grant money, took many other initiatives.There are already many private cineplexes. I am doing Cineplex myself. Our cinema is slowly turning around. In this situation, I think it was not a right decision to allow the import of foreign films.

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