Rajib Moni Das Presents Eight Distinctive Dramas for Eid-ul-Fitr

Rajib Moni Das Presents Eight Distinctive Dramas for Eid-ul-Fitr

Every Eid, there’s a push to do something extra special. Continuing this tradition, this year’s Eid celebration includes 8 dramas scripted by playwright Rajib Moni Das. Each of these dramas features different characters and storylines. In fact, Rajib’s dramas stand out by being quite different from conventional tales. They not only offer fresh twists but also depict elements of social traditions. Unlike the current trend where directors and producers often cut characters, Rajib does not do this, which sets him apart.

The upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr will see the release of his dramas titled ‘Moner Moto Bou Chai’, ‘Khan BarirJamai’, ‘Ailsa’, ‘SohojManush’, ‘Under Metric’, ‘Baji’, ‘Mia Bhai’ and ‘Hotat Biye’.

The dramas star Akhomo Hasan, Tanvir, Tarik Swapon, Abdullah Rana, Shafiq Khan Dilu, Rocky Khan, Nadia Ahmed, Manushi Prakriti, Punam Hasan Jui, Rezmin Setu, Saik Ahmed, Mou Shikha, among others.

Regarding his dramas, Rajib Moni Das said, “While writing the scripts, I can never omit characters like parents, siblings, or simple villagers. These characters naturally find their way into my stories. With this Eid in mind and considering the audience’s expectations, I tried to give something good. Special attention was given to ensure that the dramas provide joy and also convey social values. In addition to TV channels, the dramas will also be available on the ‘Swapner Karigor’ and ‘TOT’ YouTube channels starting from Eid day.”

When asked about the budget, the writer commented that budget is a significant factor nowadays. Despite the increase in costs in every sector, budgets have not increased accordingly. He stated, “The lack of adequate budget certainly affects the production style. However, we try our best to maintain the highest quality possible within the given budget constraints.”