Rajib Moni Das Named Organizing Secretary of Bangladesh TV Playwrights’ Association

Rajib Moni Das Named Organizing Secretary of Bangladesh TV Playwrights’ Association

Rajib Moni Das has been appointed as the Organizing Secretary of the Television Playwrights’ Association. The new executive committee of the Bangladesh Television Playwrights’ Association for 2024-2026 was formed yesterday, Friday, May 3, 2024, at 4 PM during the biennial general meeting held in the seminar room of the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. Rajib Moni Das, a novelist, playwright, and producer, was elected as the Organizational Secretary in this newly formed committee, having previously served as the Office Secretary in the 2022-2024 committee.

Rajib Moni Das expressed his gratitude to everyone involved for his election as the Organizational Secretary. He said, “I was committed to my previous responsibilities, and I am overwhelmed to have received my current role. I pray to everyone that I can fulfill this responsibility appropriately.”

To date, Rajib Moni Das has written nearly one hundred and fifty single plays and thirteen serial dramas. He has composed about 30 songs and written four novels. Additionally, he has created and produced concepts for over 25 advertisements.

When asked about the current state of drama, Rajib Moni Das commented, “Due to budget constraints, the number of characters in our dramas is decreasing. However, I have never written to order. Family-centric stories are the essence of my dramas. Establishing a character often requires many other characters, which are the ornaments of the drama. It is impossible to produce a good drama without these ornaments.”

In the new committee, the President elected was the playwright and producer Ejaz Munna, and the General Secretary elected was Zakir Hossain Uzzwal. The 19-member panel includes Vice-Presidents – Panth Shahriar, Shafiqur Rahman Shantanu, Mostafa Mamon; Joint General Secretaries – Azam Khan, Tuku Mojniul, Sazin Ahmed Babu; Organizing Secretary – Rajib Moni Das; Treasurer – Monsur Chanchal; Secretary of Publicity and Publication – Kamrul Ahsan; Secretary of IT and Events – Elina Shammi; Secretary of Law and Welfare – Manas Pal; Office Secretary – Afrin Jessica; Secretary of Research and Training – Jewel Kabir. The executive secretaries include Dr. Lipi Monowar, Ahmed Shahabuddin, Mejbah Uddin Sumon, Litu Sakhawat.