Maria Mrittik Attending Las Vegas Mrs World 2022 as International Makeup Artist from Bangladesh for the First Time

Maria Mrittik Attending Las Vegas Mrs World 2022 as International Makeup Artist from Bangladesh for the First Time

One of the most talented beauticians of present times, Israt Jahan Maria, also known as Maria Mrittik gets the soul driven opportunity to go to America, the country where dreams come true, to conduct a makeup workshop. Being an entrepreneur, this step will help establish her as one of the few topnotch makeup artists of Bangladesh.

Maria has completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDC) from Dhaka Dental College. After this, where most pursue a secure career like doctor, Maria walked the road of uncertainty, the road where her passion lies. She decided to pursue the makeup industry. Today she has made her work count. Not just in the boundaries of Bangladesh but she has excelled herself in the international field as well.

Being an idol for more than 150 of her  students in Bangladesh, Maria has conducted a large number of workshops each and every year for the last 6 years where she reports to inspire 30 freshmen makeup artists to join the workshop and develop their skills in this highly demandable industry. With her determination she has acquired knowledge of 15 different makeup brands and their associate product lines which is a feat not every makeup artist gets the chance of achieving. She established “Glow by Maria Mrittik” in 2018, since then she has hosted more then 20 workshops both in national and international ground. She will hold another workshop in America on 26th January & 27th of January next year. She is positively optimistic about this workshop. Although the impact of Covid has limited the number of students, it can never be an obstacle on her way. This workshop targets to spread Bangladeshi talent to the foreign females.  The success she has acquired in such a short time shouts out her dedication towards her passion.

On the 18th of December, 2022 she will be the first Bangladeshi makeup artist to attend and represent Bangladesh in Mrs World Bangladesh. This is an honor for her as well as a symbol of inspiration for each and every aspiring makeup artist out there who is uncertain of the path they are going to take or not. They are struggling with family pressures and career issues often but Maria has opened a path where her legacy can continue towards development in this career choice in Bangladesh. In future many more makeup artists can make the decision that might change their lives forever.

Now, Maria is working to inspire women all over the world through her “Women Leadership Corporation” which is actively working for the development of women’s careers. Recently they hosted an international award function show where women from all over the world came and received various awards. These functions have a big impact on the female strugglers who are mostly kept out of the limelight.