DJ Maruf (The Head Chef) is the name that is on the lips of the youth of Bangladesh

DJ Maruf (The Head Chef) is the name that is on the lips of the youth of Bangladesh

Mir Mohshin Hossain known as DJ Maruf (The Head Chef) here in Bangladesh. born in 28th November of 1986. A long span of music scenario that almost 20 years , He projects himself, producing music is as like cooking food for your brain and soul. In his childhood ,he began his grooming and schooling through classical music and formed a Band as a lead vocal artist in 2003. Then learned about Post Production Based on EDM (electronic dance music). Then started his Own carrier as a DJ in 2008 and still Rocking the big events, Corporate concerts and Almost every clubs of Bangladesh. 

In 2009 DJ music introduced as the new form of music in Bangladesh and that was the most struggling part of this music. Most of the time they were used to play for private events and a very few corporate events. Music production was his passion at that moment he worked on some album as a RAP artist also.

In 2014 collaboration with Priton Ahmed that was his first official introduction in this arena and also create a rising buzzforthe young crowed in Bangladesh. After that he never stopped presenting his skills on music production Producing Bangla dance music.

After a long break he produced another Anthem song based on Kite festival of Bangladesh, named (Shakrain Song ) Along with his own brother. Both of these two brothers Known as Meerbrothers together. In 2020 DJ Maruf wrote the most trendy song of last 2 years named ( Babu Khayso). Both of the brothers composed the song and DJ Maruf did the vocal part himself. 2021 DJ Maruf produced another hit number Named ( Nagin ). Another trendy and super hit song is ( Sheet Sheet lagay 2.0). Have some plan for 2023 and collaborate with some International artist. 


Family support and Identity

The co-operation of parents is very much important for every musicians. For instance, His father gifted him a Pair of Tabla at his 7th birthday. He felt a bit uncomfortable introducing himself as a DJ at beginning, but now a days when DJ’s are the important part of any event he is proud to be a DJ and EDM producer. 

He and his brother are musician, Older brother known as Meer Masum is playing keyboard for Band Souls for last 18 years and a well known Music director. When these two brother collaborates together thy named themselves Meerbrothers. 

Future Plans 

 stage performance, establishing his own Audio streaming platform in Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, sound cloud and many more. Hopefully from this year DJ Maruf will upload his own music and music videos to his own Official Youtube channel.  

Produce bangle dance music using local musical instruments for music production and present those tracks to the world. Also a dream of performing in worlds biggest EDM platform like Ultra music festival, and present Bangla words to the world. 


Never stop learning and present your own form of music, make yourself different from others. If a DJ only download and add music to their playlist it doesn’t represents you. Make your own Music add them to your playlist and present them to your crowed. If you cant produce, learn Music, learn Music production. Anyone can be a DJ but a professional DJ must play his own record. Your music is your identity.