Saif Khan is the busiest hero of Bengali films and Nijhum Rubina is the busiest film actress. Recently, they have started shooting the scenes of the new film ‘Dui Ma’ together at Priyanka’s shooting house in Dhaka city. The film ‘Dui Ma’ is being made in the original idea and plan of ATN Bangla Chairman Mahfuzur Rahman. This film is directed by Md. Azim Khan

In addition to Nijhum & Saif Khan, Shireen Alam ;

Rebeka Rouf, Maruf Aqib, Bobby, Jackie Alamgir, Anika Rose, Susmay Shah, Ramisa, Mizan, Paitu, Raju, Anwar Siraji etc. also acted in the movie.. ‘Dui Ma’ produced by Abul Hossain Mojumder, President of Bangladesh Entertainment Journalist Association-(BABISAS); Story and screenplay by Azim Khan, dialogues of the movie by Kamal Sarkar.

Abul Hossain Mojumder said, the story of the movie “Dui Ma” jointly produced by Life Gold Media and Dhara Media is great in one word. I hope the audience will be attracted to the story. Both Rebeka and Shireen Alam are very good actresses in the roles of the two mothers. With Saif and Nijhum Rubina. All in all, a good film is being made. Nijhum Rubina said, ‘The story of Dui Ma movie is the soul of this film. My character is also quite important. That’s why I’m doing the work.’ Saif Khan said, ‘It’s always great to work in movies with good stories.I hope the audience will like it.

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