North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong Un, has said that their ultimate goal is to have the most powerful nuclear power in the world. News Reuters.

North Korea’s ultimate goal is to have the world’s most powerful nuclear power, said Kim Jong Un, the country’s supreme leader. To this end, he has promoted dozens of military officials involved in the recent launch of North Korea’s largest ballistic missile.

North Korea recently launched a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) named Hwasong-17. Kim Jong Un personally supervised the launch of this sophisticated missile. Then on November 18, he promised to counter the US nuclear threat with nuclear weapons. And after that he stated the goal of having the most powerful nuclear power in the world.

While announcing the promotion of dozens of military officers involved in the recent launch of its largest ballistic missile, Kim said the nuclear force is being built to reliably protect the dignity and sovereignty of states and peoples, and its ultimate goal is to establish itself as the world’s most powerful strategic power, which is Possessing absolute power unprecedented in centuries.

He called the Hwasong-17 the “world’s most powerful strategic weapon” and said it demonstrated North Korea’s determination and ability to build the world’s most powerful military.

Kim also said that North Korean scientists had made “surprising progress in developing the technology to install nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles”. However, he did not give any details about this.

On this day, Kim also took pictures with scientists, engineers, military officials and others involved in the launch of the new intercontinental ballistic missile. At the same time, the supreme leader of this East Asian country also said that he hopes that they will continue to expand and strengthen the country’s nuclear deterrence at an extremely fast pace.

At the time, these workers swore loyalty and loyalty to North Korea’s ruling party and pledged to uphold the “absolute authority” of Kim and his party. They also promised, ‘Our missiles will fly vigorously only in the direction it is directed’.

They also said that Kim Jong Un “carefully taught everything” during the development and production of the Hwasong-17 missile.

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