Nijhum Rubina is the busiest actress of Bengali films. she is going to start a new film in the new year. She will participate in the shooting on the 13th Story and direction of Anwar Sikder (Titone Mama), the new film is called “Bandhu Tui Amar.” Nijhum said about working on the film; I started the new year with a new film. The story of this movie is very good. I hope the audience will like it.

Apart from Nijhum Rubina, he will also work in this film; Antor, Tanvir Tanu, Era Shikder, Shahnoor, Maruf Aqib, Shahidul Alam Sacchu, Barada Mithu, Pran Roy, Rebeka Rouf;

Dulari, Anwar Siraji, Feroze Alam, Comedy Shaheen, Saral Hasmat. Jacky Alamgir, Tuheen and many more. The film is produced by Rans Multimedia.

By the way; Nijhum Rubina has also completed the shooting of a new musical film titled “Tore jonno Pagol”. Syed omi and Sadman Samir acted opposite her. It is also said that there is a possibility of signing a new film in the future.

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