Mim Chowdhury and Anindita Mimi acted together in the same drama with popular actor Mosharraf Karim. They both acted in the drama titled ‘Haramkhor’ with Mosharraf Karim, written by Jewel Elin and directed by Imran Howlader. In the meantime, the drama’s shooting work has been completed in various locations of the capital Uttara area and in a slum of it’s a sector. Director Imran Howlader had to complete the production of the drama with a lot of effort. He said that the drama will soon be aired on a satellite channel and later on a YouTube channel.
While talking about acting in the drama, Mosharraf Karim told this correspondent, “I like the story of the drama. Mim and Mimi both tried to do well in the drama. As usual I tried to give them all my cooperation.My character is completely different in this drama. I hope the audience will like it.”
Anindita Mimi came to the discussion as a model in the duet song titled ‘Aamar Hridoy Ekta Ayna’ rendered by Imran and Kona. Even after acting in several dramas, she has been soaked in the love of the audience. On the other hand, Mim Chowdhury has been involved
in acting and dancing for a long time. Recently, the mega series ‘Gulshan Avenue Season 2’ on Banglavision ended in which she acted.
Meanwhile, on the National Customs Day last January 26, the drama titled ‘Swarnomanab-5,’ directed by SA Haque Alik, starring Mosharraf Karim was aired at different times on six TV channels of the country. Tareen Jahan, Runa Khan and many others also acted in Mosharraf Karim in the drama. Last Valentine’s Day, the special drama starring Mosharraf Karim was ‘Chowdhury’ directed by Maidul Rakib. Anika Kabir Shakh acted opposite Mosharraf Karim in the drama. Mosharraf Karim’s performance in the same director’s drama titled ‘Gangster er Biye’ impressed the audience. The views of the drama are increasing day by day.
Meanwhile, Maidul Rakib’s drama titled ‘Wait’ starring by Mosharraf Karim and Tania Brishty has also come into discussion again. In this drama, the impeccable performance of the two is spreading the fascination of the audience.
Mosharraf Karim starred notable movies are: ‘Third Person Singular Number,’ ‘Projapoti,’ ‘Television,’ ‘Halda,”Komola Rocket,’ etc.

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