Emon Khan sang ‘Tuktuki Maa’ to the tune of Pritam

Emon Khan sang ‘Tuktuki Maa’ to the tune of Pritam

Young generation vocalist FA Pritam. But he is better known as a composer. Popular singers like Samina Chowdhury, Asif Akbar have sung in his tune since the beginning of his career. Recently, several songs composed by him have become viral in the net world. The young singer has been praised by the critics.

A song titled ‘Tuktuki Ma’ has recently gone viral on the net world. The song is written by Sahidul Islam. This song is composed by Pritam. The music is arranged by Waheed Sahin. The song is sung by Iman Khan of ‘Rupa Ami Bada Nei’ fame.

FA Pritam said, ‘I have been composing very few songs for the last two years. All the ones I have done have received good response. I have listened to the song over and over, not as a composer, but as an ordinary listener. After that, it is not decided who should give voice to the song. After this song was sung by Eoman Khan, the fascination has not diminished. Hopefully the audience will have the same opinion.

He also said, I have given voice in addition to composing music for some movie songs. I want to say that the songs have surprises. I can’t say anything else. Banned from movie production houses.

Emon Khan said, “New Dhamaka. I have done a new song in the tune of FA Pritam Bhai. I am doing less and less songs but this time the song is a little different. My audience will have a different taste this time. That Iman Khan can sing not only Virah songs but all kinds of songs.

The music of the song is composed by the producer Pavel Mahmud Joy. And Supta and Momo were the models. The song is choreographed by Rohan and Billal. The song ‘Tuktukir Ma’ has been released on HS Multimedia YouTube channel.