This time Monowar Hossain Dipjol, the famous movie lord of the film, has started producing drama for the small screen. He said that serials and single dramas will be produced one after the other from his Dipjol Films. But he won’t act. Initially, the construction work of three serials has been started. The work of the first series called ‘Gadhar Pal’ has started from last Tuesday.Its shooting has started at Savar’s shooting house in Dipjol. It was written by Liton Khandkar. Directed by Abid Rehan. Acting, Borda Mithu, Tarek Swapan, Noore Alam Nayan, Abid Rehan, Parvez Suman, Suchna Shikder, Sylvi, Jewel etc.

Actor Borda Mithu said that the serial will first start with 13 episodes. Then its number of episodes will continue to increase. Its story will be different. A story will be completed in two-three episodes. In this way, new stories will be seen in the next episodes. After this serial ends, the work of the next two serials will begin.

Regarding drama production, Dipjol said, I am a movie person. Cinema is a great medium of entertainment as well as a medium of education. The same is true of drama. Both mediums entertain people and get them talking. After thinking about it, recently the quality of dramas in various media including YouTube has become very bad.No story, bad dialogues, doesn’t seem up to standard. So I thought, I will give a gift to the audience by creating entertaining dramas of fair genre and dramas that have some words. I am making plays from this thought. You can call it an experiment for me. But I am a big screen person, big screen comes first for me.

Dipjol said that the dramas are being produced for broadcast on Channel Nine.

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