Popular Lyricist of the time Salman Ahmad Shohag

Popular Lyricist of the time Salman Ahmad Shohag

Salman Ahmad Shohag of the popular lyricist of the time. He was born on June 23, 1992, in Kazir Gaon village, Lamakaji Union, in Biswanath Police Station, Sylhet.

Salman started writing songs in 2008. He wrote songs when he was only 16 years old.

A song written by Daga in the album Meghpari was first released in 2016.

Songs written by Salman have been sung by all the popular artists in the country. Notable among them are Sukumar Baul, Salma, Kamruzzaman Rabbi, Shahrid Belal, Samz Vai, AH Turjo, and many others.

A total of 36 original songs have been released so far. There are also several unreleased songs. The work of which has already been completed.

Among the popular songs written by him are Tor Mone Ki Chaye Allah Jane, Ek Kobore Bari, Ami Soiya Gele Saibo Na Bidhata, Tomar Jonno Pagol, Behaya Mon 2, and Amito Vala Na 2.

When asked about his dream about music, he said, “I want to make myself known by writing good songs.” In addition to this, I want to advance myself in Bengali music through good songs.