Polash Moni Das to Direct Four Dramas for Eid Celebrations

Polash Moni Das to Direct Four Dramas for Eid Celebrations

Just as viewers have an increased demand for good dramas during Eid, directors also strive to present stories that are different. Keeping in mind the audience’s expectations, Polash Moni Das tries to highlight these aspects in his direction. Therefore, for the upcoming Eid celebration, 3 dramas have been produced, written by Rajib Moni Das and directed by Polash Moni Das. Each of the 3 dramas is arranged with different characters and plots. In contrast to conventional stories, Rajib’s dramas tend to be somewhat different. Along with new twists in the stories, they also portray aspects of cultural heritage.

The dramas produced for the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr are ‘Moner Moto Bou Chai’ (Looking for a Wife of My Choice), ‘Khan Barir Jamai’ (Son-in-Law of the Khan Family), ‘Ailsa’, and ‘Hothat Biye’ (Sudden Marriage).

The dramas star Akhomo Hasan, Tanvir, Tarik Swapon, Abdullah Rana, Shafiq Khan Dilu, Rocky Khan, Nadia Ahmed, Manushi Prakriti, Punam Hasan Jui, Rezmin Setu, Saik Ahmed, Mou Shikha, among others.

Director Polash Moni Das says, “I have tried to maintain diversity in the stories. This Eid, all three of my directed dramas are original stories. For example, in ‘Moner Moto Bou Chai’, a story will be shown where a boy, no matter how beautiful a bride he sees, will find some fault in her. His quest for the perfect wife leads to various complications. In ‘Khan Barir Jamai’, it shows that even though a man is a son-in-law, he becomes as dear as one’s own child, which is rare in society. The third story, ‘Ailsa’, is a wonderful story. Just from the name, it’s evident that it is based on the eccentricity of a person. In each story, I have tried to skillfully represent laughter, tears, and various aspects of society. I hope the audience will like it.”

In addition to TV channel broadcasts, starting from Eid day, the dramas can also be watched on the ‘Swapner Karigor’ and ‘TOT’ YouTube channels.