Manoshi Prokrity in Eid drama

Manoshi Prokrity in Eid drama

The popular actress of the present time is Manoshi Prokrity. He is regularly working in dramas and movies. Currently, the actress is busy shooting for the upcoming Eid drama. He has already completed several works. He said that nature will be seen in one and a half dozen new dramas including single and serial dramas this Eid.

Notable among them are the special drama ‘Panta Bhate Ghi’ directed by SA Haque Olik for Bangladesh Television, ‘Maa Put Beyakkol 2’ by Adivasi Mizan, ‘Pasher Ghorer Misti Bhabhi’ by Shamsul Alam, ‘Amar Swapno Tumi’ by Sagar Khan, M. AH Hannan’s ‘BoKhate Prem’, Shafiq Babu’s ‘Habbhaav’. Serial dramas include Nasir Uddin Masood’s seven-episode ‘Super Six’.

On the other hand, there are two more drama serials waiting for airing. These are Faridul Hasan’s ‘Fapor’ and Golam Sohrab Dodul’s ‘Milan Hobe Koto Dine’. It is said that two serials will be aired soon. Manoshi Prokrity also said that he will work in some other dramas. A new advertisement of Gazi Group is waiting for its promotion. It will soon air on television and the internet.

Regarding the dramas, Manoshi Prokrity said, Alhamdulillah, I have done many things this time on the occasion of Eid. It also includes some previous work. In total, I will be seen in about 20 dramas this Eid. But each drama has a difference in story and characters. One does not match the other. The audience will find novelty. Hopefully, the plays will double the Eid joy of everyone.

Meanwhile, Prokrity starrer ‘Agnishikha’ and ‘Dui Ghanta Dosh minute’ are awaiting release. Arifur Zaman Arif’s movie ‘Agnishikha’ has recently been renamed to ‘Jontrona’. The shooting of the movie started with the name ‘Agnishikha’ but after the production work, the name was changed and now it is going to the censors as ‘Jontrona’.

Adar Azad and Manoshi Prokrity acted together for the first time through this movie. The makers said that the two movies will be released after Eid. Prokrity also said that he will start working on a new movie after Eid.