Leorona Chowdhury belongs to Bangladesh. Currently she is  pursuing a PhD in Malaysia, Although her background is engineering but her passion is fashion, singing, dancing, travelling etc, since nine years she engages with the fashion industry internationally, She is founder president of Bangladesh Education and Research Forum Malaysia (BERFOM).

Based on Malaysian public and private universities, the BERFOM is comprised of 24,000 Bangladeshi students and more than 45 Bangladeshi teachers.

 Leorona Chowdhury always loves to stand in jeopardy’s people and for that reason  on behalf of *Asia Metropolitan University’s International Student Club handed over humanitarian aid funds to help the recent Turkey and  Syrian  earthquake victims*. It was a pleasure to meet the Ambassador of Syria, Mr. Mhd Ghiath Ibrahim and also glad to meet the Deputy Ambassador of Turkey, Mr. Sinan Cem Bas.

Leorona Chowdhury is  feeling glad to represent both Malaysia and Bangladesh,likewise on behalf of her university she went to the Turkey and Syrian embassy to hand over the donation money which is collected from International students and management for Syrian and Turkey earthquake victims.

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