Hassan Jahangir-Achol pair in Eid drama

Hassan Jahangir-Achol pair in Eid drama

As always, this Eid, the producer, actor Hassan Jahangir has a great surprise. Eid is actually a pair of popular movie actresses with Hassan Jahangir! Earlier – Poppy, Shimla, Shahanur, Moumita Mou, Ratna, Munmun and many others have worked as a pair. Bandhan, Shokh, Mehjabeen, Ishana, Jyotika Jyoti, Bhavna, Prasoon Azad, Swagta, Deepa Khandkar, Humaira Himu, Hashin and many more in TV dramas.

This time actress Achol is paired with Hassan Jahangir. This pair will be seen in the seven-episode Eid drama -‘Entry Hero’. The play was Directed by Hassan Jahangir for Baisakhi Television on the occasion of Eid.

Last Eid, Hassan Jahangir-Achol pair got popular with the audience in the drama ‘Bodyguard’. In that continuation, two are coming in Entry Hero, along with actor Don, Sabbir Ahmed, Ananya Anu, Ivy Noor, Kamrul Bahar, Sharif Sarkar, Ashraf Kabir, Zahid Islam, Chandni and many others.

Hassan Jahangir is Directed half a dozen dramas this Eid. Among them, the notable play is – Siri. Current Craze Khal actors Misha Sawdagar and Kazi Hayat acted for the first time in the seven-episode drama ‘Siri’. Hasan Jahangir’s ‘Kilar’, ‘Chowdhury Saheb’, ‘Mental Maruf’ and half a dozen dramas are coming on Eid.

Besides, Hassan Jahangir is acting in Baishakhi Television’s ‘Family Distance’ and NTV’s Maruf Rehman’s ‘Prabasi Poribar’. Hasan Jahangir is currently busy with Eid dramas.