Abanti Sithi sang the tune of Murad Noor

Abanti Sithi is an artist of Saregamapa known as Shish kanya. The singer is well appreciated in both Bengali for her originality of presentation. Murad Noor is a talented young composer of the present time. He has already established his strong position by gifting the audience with several popular songs. Recently, Abanti Sithi of Shish kanya fame sang in the words of poet Dr. Rukhsana Parveen, to the tune of Murad Noor. The song titled ‘Joy-Jochona’ is composed by Mushfiq Leetu.

Abanti Sithi said, I am very particular about recording new songs. I don’t want to sing if I don’t belong to myself. The song ‘Jai-Jochona’ touched my personality. Great tone of voice. A song worth multiplying. The audience will surely like it.

Composer Murad Noor said, Abanti Sithi is a talented artist. I am impressed by his taste. I have tried to harmonize the words of Dr. Rokhsana Apa only. How did the audience say. I believe our loved ones will not be disappointed.

Lyricist Rukhsana Parveen said, both Abanti Sithi and Murad Noor are doing well in this generation. Their creation songs are very popular in Bengali. It feels good to be involved in the creativity of the youth. Eid-ul-Fitor Jai-Jochona song will be released soon on all digital platforms.

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